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My Top 5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Needs

It can be so uninspiring in Winter when trying to put nice looking, warm and comfortable outfits together. Its nice to have some stylish and chic outfits to wear, but also that will keep you warm and comfortable. So here are my top 5 Winter wardrobe essentials every girl needs. 

High quality knee high and/or over the knee boots

I own and LOVE both styles of boots, but I find I have had so much more wear out of my over the knee boots.

Investing in a gorgeous pair of leather, flat, over the knee boots in either a black, brown or a taupe colour is a must for the cooler months. Over the knee boots not only keep you so warm, but they look so stylish and chic. You can wear them over jeans, pants, skirt, or even under lovely knit dresses. 

These are the over the knee boots I adore and these are on my wishlist!

Cozy Cable knit jumper

A neutral cable knit jumper is such a classic and stylish piece every girl should have in her wardrobe for the cooler months

Investing in a high quality cable knit jumper is an essential and will also last for years and years to come. Cable knits can be dressed casually with jeans, or with a crisp white shirt underneath for a more sophisticated look. There are so many cable knit jumpers out there to suit any budget. 

High Quality Thermals

High quality thermals are fantastic layering pieces for the cooler months. Investing in neutral coloured thermal socks, leggings, long sleeve tops and short sleeve tops is essential. 

Instead of layering pieces of clothing on top of each other to keep warm, try putting a thin thermal top underneath. This will keep you warmer and looking less bulky.

You can wear thermal tops and leggings under long knit dresses and wear your boots over the top, or very thin thermal leggings underneath pants or wear thermal tops underneath a thick jumper. There are so many ways you can wear thermals to keep warm in Winter. 

Marks and Spencer have good, high quality thermals and have found they last.

Neutral Puffer jacket

Theres no point having a gorgeous outfit planned just to cover it up with a boring and unflattering jacket or coat. Investing in a high quality and stylish neutral coloured puffer or quilted jacket for the cooler months. It will go with so many things in your wardrobe, they look classic, will last year after year and will keep you warm.

If you’re looking for an everyday jacket, a neutral high quality puffer with gorgeous design details such as gold buttons and zips is the way to go.

High street brands like Forever New and Witchery do their jackets very well. 

Cozy Knit dress

A high quality long sleeve knit dress is a great way to add some style and femininity into your wardrobe in Winter. They’re perfect because they are stylish, look elegant and you can wear all of your thermals underneath.

There are so many different styles and materials of knit dresses out there. A neutral coloured cable knit with a big roll neck is great, even a simple plain knit style in also very chic. Adding some accessories like a thin leather belt that will match your bag or shoes is a must, as it will cinch in your waist and add a bit of style to your outfit. 

I hope these tips have helped you feel a little more inspired for putting nice outfits together in Winter!

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