7 Australian Fashion Brands That I Love

I love love love supporting Australian fashion brands.

It supports local brands and jobs which makes me so happy!

There are so many gorgeous Australian brands out there that make high quality clothing pieces. Here I will talk about 7 beautiful Australian fashion brands. Most that I have loved for years, and some recent ones I’ve fallen in love with!

Forever New

Forever New has been a favourite of mine for years.

It is a gorgeous feminine and timeless fashion brand that provides high quality everyday pieces through to formal wear, shoes and accessories.

Their collections are designed in Australia and made for the chic girl to elevate her everyday look. My personal favourite items are their winter coats, tailored pants and their gorgeous summer dresses.  Their pieces are so gorgeous and feminine and very high quality.


Kookai, was actually originally established in Paris in 1982, but in 1992 the founders introduced the label into Australia and opened their first store in Melbourne.

It is Australian owned and their collections are designed in Australia and Paris.

Their clothing items are so gorgeous and timeless made with high quality fabrics, and very popular for the cooler type of girls. I personally love their diverse range of basics, as I have found they last for years. They also have lovely outerwear pieces for those fancier events.


Witchery is another one of my long time favourite brands.

When I was younger, I dreamt of owning a Witchery handbag. It was established in South Australia in 1970, and by 1980 they adopted a more high premium fashion approach.

They have high quality sophisticated pieces for women, especially those in the workforce. Not only does Witchery do timeless clothing pieces that stand the test of time, they also have shoes, handbags, jewellery and sunglasses.

They have a great rewards program and you can pick up some excellent bargains during their sales. You just have to be quick because things get snapped up so fast.

Seed Heritage

Seed Heritage is an Australian brand has been up and running since 2000, with their first store opening in Victoria.

The brand offers a diverse range of high quality clothing and accessories for women, men, teenagers, kids and babies. It provides a range of modern and timeless pieces from loungewear, dresses, jeans, knitwear to basics, that can be worn time and time again. A super popular brand for a lot of Aussie Mums!


Sportscraft  is another fashion and lifestyle brand that focuses on an authentic Australian style.

It was founded in Australia in 1914, and has an excellent reputation.  The brand provides a wide range of premium quality, timeless clothing and accessories that are made to last.

I find Sportscraft is directed to more mature women, but they have a lot of lovey timeless pieces for the younger generations. I personally love their knitwear made from soft and luxurious fabrics. The superiority of their pieces are next to none. 


Acler was created in Australia 8 years ago by two Australian designers, Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto.

It  has now become a globally recognised brand, and is a recent brand that I’m absolutely in love with. I love the brand because their clothing pieces are so feminine, tailored and so gorgeously unique. You can tell when you come across a Acler dress!

Their craftsmanship is superior and their designers have made these pieces to stand the test of time. Although it is a bit more on the pricey side, their pieces are definitely worth the investment!

Country Road

Country Road began in Hawthorn Victoria, Australia. It  is a very popular brand and nearly every Aussie girls has at least one garment in their wardrobe.

They make their clothing and accessories with high quality fabrics that have excellent craftsmanship, and are made to last. The  jumpers with the Country Road logo on them are so lovely, and extremely popular! I personally love their basics and summer dresses.

These are only some of my favourite Australian fashion brands, keep an eye out for more posts to come.


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