A Guide On How To Care For Your Clothing

If you’re investing in lovely pieces made of delicate fabrics, light colours and embellishments, you want to take care of them so they last for as long as possible. Here are some tips to help care for your clothing so they last and look nicer for longer.

  • Read the care label

Reading the label on how to care for the item is very important. It is there for a reason. The instructions are there to maintain the quality and shape of your clothes. For example, if you don’t read the care label and machine wash a nice knit instead of hand washing, it may shrink.

  • Take items to a dry cleaner

Dry clean only items must be taken to the dry cleaner. It’s worth spending a bit more to take care of your clothing to make it last longer and look nicer. I’ve made the mistake of washing a dry clean only jacket and the gold buttons tarnished and the fabric started to fray. I like to wash most of my delicates on a cool delicate cycle in a wash bag, but dry clean only pieces should be taken to the dry cleaner.

  • Use appropriate washing detergent

Using detergent specifically for the fabrics of your clothes. There are washing products specifically made for delicate fabrics. If standard washing detergents are used, they can ruin the delicate fabrics. Also, using products specifically for whites is important to maintain the white colour of your clothes and prevent discolouration.

  • Lint remover

It doesn’t look good when you have a jumper that you’ve worn a few times and the fabric has pilled everywhere. A lot of different fabrics pill, and it makes them look scruffy and old. So make sure you have a lint remover machine handy to whip out when you’ve got pilling on your clothing. This will maintain the quality and make your clothes look nicer.

  • Mend/repair

Mending or repairing clothing pieces I believe is important to make them look nicer, last longer and reduce waste. Doing things such as sewing buttons back on, trimming loose threads, sewing fallen hems etc. will make your clothes look well kept and ultimately make them last longer.

  • Don’t hang heavier items

If you have heavier knits or dresses, hanging them on a coat hanger will stretch and misshape them. Instead, either fold them nicely and put them in a drawer, or hang them folded in half longways to prevent stretching.


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