Spring Nail Polish Colours Every Girl Needs

Spring has sprung here in Australia and its time for a nice refresh! Every season that comes around should give you an excuse to refresh your wardrobe, home decor and beauty items. One thing that I love doing is my nails and wearing nail polish colours for the season. So here are my top three Spring nail polish colours every girl needs.

I have found a lovely nail polish brand that is Australian, called Sienna Byron Bay. This nail polish brand stands for everything I believe in. In the beauty world, where there are so many ingredients that are toxic and not eco friendly, when I come across eco friendly, non toxic and high quality products I jump.

Sienna Byron Bay was founded in 2013 and they make high quality, luxurious nail polishes, that are sustainably and ethically produced and vegan and cruelty-free. Their packaging is also absolutely gorgeous with the natural timber on the bottles.

There are so many different colours – oranges, pinks, red, purples, nice, browns, blues – there is honestly something for everyone. They also have groups of  colours for the different seasons which is wonderful.

I have picked up three beautiful Spring inspired colours, that suit any skin tone. They are described from left to right in the photo.

Spring Nail polish colours


Glowing is a dusty neutral pink colour, perfect for Spring. Its also a great transitional colour from Autumn to Spring. The colour isn’t as bright as Magnolia and Joy, but it is a perfect neutral pinky tone to have in your collection.


Magnolia is a beautiful barbie pink colour, for the ladies that love pink, this is your colour! It’s perfect to have in your collection and to take on a summer holiday.


Joy is a gorgeous, vibrant and girly peachy pink colour. If you’re not into pink nail polishes, Joyis a great alternative as it gives off a pop of light orange. It is perfect for Spring time and a lovely colour to transition into Summer.

I hope these gorgeous nail polish colours get you excited for Spring!


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