Mobile Phone Etiquette

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Mobile Phone Etiquette

Mobile phones are apart of our lives, and people rely on them more and more than ever before. This has resulted in some people having unhealthy relationships with their phones, which is a rising issue.

But let’s face it, we’ve all made at least one of these mistakes when using our mobile phones. I hope these tips help you in your journey of phone etiquette and being less reliant on your phone in social situations.

Don’t be on your phone while you’re having a face to face conversation with someone

When you’re having a face to face conversation with someone, it is respect and common knowledge to give the person your undivided attention.

This person is giving up their time to have a conversation with you and it is extremely disrespectful to be on your phone, and can be quite awkward for the other person. Avoid texting, scrolling, calling etc. It should either be in your bag or pocket.

People on the receiving end will not want to have future conversations with you. If you’re waiting for an important call or message explain to the person what is going on and why you need to be on your phone.

Don’t put your phone on the table when eating

Having your phone on the table while you’re out at a restaurant or eating at home is another big etiquette mistake. It shows that your phone is important and has more of a priority.

It also increases the chance of being distracted by your phone if a notification, text of phone call. Instead, focus on the present moment and engage in meaningful conversations with that person/people – you notifications can wait.

Put your phone on silent at appointments

If you’re at an appointment and your phone is ringing loudly, it isn’t a good look. Especially if you’re at an appointment where you can’t get to your phone, and it continues to ring and ring.

Before you go to an appointment make sure you put your phone on silent. But if you’re expecting a very important phone call, make sure you let whoever you’ll be with know that you’re going to expect a phone call and apologise for the inconvenience.

Don’t be on the phone when you’re being served at the shops

If you’re being served at the shops, again, it is disrespectful to be on the phone while someone is serving you. This person is providing a service for you and the least you can do is greet them with a smile and say hello instead of being on your phone.

These are just some basic tips to help with mobile phone etiquette. They seem pretty simple, but can be very difficult for some people. It just comes down to being in the present moment and just being on your phone when you’re on your own and not in a social situation. Live in the moment.

There is a quote I saw a long time ago and it said “Pick up your life and put down your phone”.

I hope these tips help.


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